About TifGrand®

TifGrand® is the world’s first seed and pollen sterile (triploid hybrid) bermuda scientifically developed to thrive in 60-70º continuous shade.  A semi-dwarf Bermuda grass, TifGrand® is naturally darker green and produces thin blade and denser turf than other Tifdwarf and semi-dwarf varieties.

Released by University of Georgia turfgrass breeders and geneticists Dr. Wayne Hanna and Dr. Kris Braman, TifGrand bermudagrass is patented and licensed.  Before TifGrand® was released, it was evaluated under the independent nationwide NTEP 2002 National Bermuda Test  (as Tift No. 4).  Over the course of 5 years, 23 trials in 19 states were conducted and TifGrand® (Tift No. 4) scored as well as or better than other entries.

  • Semi-dwarf Bermuda grass
  • Attractive, dense turf with naturally dark green blade
  • Thrives in 60-70% continuous shade (approximately 5 hours direct sun)
  • Increased cold tolerance
  • Superior quality in full sun
  • Spreads by rhizomes and stolons
  • Excellent tawny-mole cricket resistance
  • Reduced water requirement
  • Significantly reduced fertilizer (N) requirement
  • Can only be produced as “Certified

Our Turf Isn't the Same, It's BETTER!

We use only certified or registered varieties and grow 100% of them on methyl-bromide fumigated soil.