About New Life Turf in South Carolina

About Us

New Life Turf specializes in providing premium products and services for the turf needs of golf courses and athletic fields. Our focus is to supply the highest-quality sod and sprigs available in the industry. Our extensive experience in the industry and collaboration with premier turf experts give us an edge. We engage with our customers to provide the total experience from selection to end result.

Our History

In 1996, John M. Brown and Bragg Williams anticipated these turf needs and started New Life Turf in the rural community of Norway, South Carolina. Norway lies below the South Carolina fall line, in the part of the state called “the Low Country,” which is known for its fertile, flat soil. Thus, this area is perfect for growing large quantities of premium turf.

Our Services

Licensed grower and distributor of a variety of turf grasses
Sod installation and sprig planting
Greens renovation

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