Diamond Zoysia in South Carolina

About Diamond Zoysia

Diamond Zoysia is a fine-textured, vegetatively propagated, warm-season variety with excellent tolerance to low-light conditions, salty soils, and high traffic. Diamond is best maintained at a very low mowing height and has outstanding recuperative abilities making it a logical choice for golf course tees and collars, as well as putting surfaces. Diamond has better fall color retention than most other zoysiagrass varieties and has an early spring green-up.

New Life Turf is a licensed producer of Diamond Zoysia in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.


  • Golf Course Greens, Tees, Collars
  • Low-Light, High-Traffic Sports Fields
  • Sophisticated Landscapes



  • Brilliant Green Color
  • Very Fine Texture


  • Thrives in Warm to Hot Climates – USDA Zones 7 to 11


  • Dense Growth Habit Provides a Weed-Free, Carpet-Like Cushion
  • Has Improved Fall Color Retention
  • Wear Tolerance Better than Hybrid Bermuda
  • Highly Shade Tolerant; Can Maintain High-Quality in 60 Percent Shade
  • Tolerant of Heat and Drought
  • Excellent Salt Tolerance
  • Tolerant of Close-Mowing


  • Requires Moderate to High Levels of Maintenance
  • Recommended 5/32” to ½” Mowing Height


Diamond Zoysia was developed by Dr. Milt Engelke and Texas A&M University. It is a Z metrella which is vegetatively propagated and genetically stable and uniform. Diamond is distinguished from other zoysiagrasses by its fine texture, high rhizome and tiller density, superior salt tolerance, superior shade tolerance, and rapid regrowth and recovery from damage.

A patented variety, unauthorized propagation is prohibited.


  • All sod is grown on methyl-bromide fumigated soil
  • Also available, grown on topdressing sand
  • Sod roll = 16″ x 82″ rolls, 504 sq. ft. per pallet
  • Mega roll = 42″ x 103’*

*Mega rolls are recommended for large sports fields and golf course tees, fairways, and greens.

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