Athletic Field Grasses in South Carolina

What Turf Is Best for Athletic Fields?

For hardy and reliable groundcover, sports fields often require a denser, thick type of grass that is able to withstand a lot of action. The best types of turf for these high-traffic areas are those with excellent root repair and cushioning. Here are a few common types of grasses that we offer that work best within this athletic environment.

Tifway 419 Bermudagrass

As a standard for athletic fields across the southern United States, Tifway 419 is an easy and reliable choice for any sports field.

Cavalier Zoysiagrass

With an intermediate recovery rate and winter hardiness, this high-density grass is an excellent choice for large grass areas.

Diamond Zoysiagrass

With its fine texture and excellent tolerance to low-light conditions, this variety of grass is perfect for high-traffic sports fields.

Palisades Zoysiagrass

An excellent choice for low-maintenance landscapes, Palisades Zoysiagrass is perfect for most sports fields.

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