TifEagle Turf in South Carolina

About TifEagle

TifEagle is a third-generation Bermuda developed by Dr. Wayne Hanna at the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton, Georgia. It can be mowed lower than Tifdwarf or Tifgreen for improved putting speeds and consistency. It produces less thatch than other ultra-dwarfs. It has proven itself to be a superior Bermuda putting surface.

TifEagle has a number of unique advantages over traditional bermudagrass greens and many of the new ultra-dwarfs. When maintained at a cutting height of 0.125 inches (3.2mm), TifEagle produces a quality putting surface second to none. It exhibits very aggressive rhizomatous and stoloniferous growth habits, maintains superior color under cool conditions, and provides an excellent putting surface during the winter season, with or without overseeding. In fact, many superintendents are reporting excellent results with painted TifEagle greens.


Golf course greens and other putting surfaces.

Other Considerations

Advantages of Certified TifEagle Bermudagrass

  • TifEagle was bred to handle the aggressive management practices necessary to deliver superior speed, consistency, and overall payability.
  • Compared to other Bermudagrass varieties, TifEagle recovers more quickly from injury as well as extremely drought-tolerant and disease resistant.
  • TifEagle exhibits superior color retention and a more robust recovery under cool conditions.
  • With an appropriate schedule of topdressing and light verticutting, TifEagle provides an excellent seedbed for poa trivialis/bentgrass blends. TifEagle also produces less thatch than other ultra-dwarfs. Frequent brushing, grooming, and light top dressings will reduce the need to verticut to control thatch buildup.

No-Till Renovation vs. Conventional Reconstruction

  • No-till TifEagle can save you up to 75 percent of the cost of conventional greens reconstruction. Complete rebuild costs range from $1.50 to $4.00 per sq. ft. versus $.45 to $.80 per sq. ft. for no-till.
  • Average turnaround for no-till is 6–8 weeks versus 10–18 weeks for a complete rebuild. Less downtime greatly reduces lost revenue.
  • Site prep can be done with your own crews and equipment to fit your own schedule.
  • Original putting surface grades and contours are maintained.
  • Healthy mature seedbed is retained and serves as a base for new putting surfaces.
  • You get a speedy conversion from poor quality greens to TifEagle, the ultimate ultra-dwarf putting surface.

Are Your Greens Good No-Till Candidates?

  • Not all older greens are good candidates for no-till. Serious disease, pest, drainage, and soil profile problems may require conventional reconstruction.
  • Heavy thatch buildup resulting in layering can only be solved with a complete rebuild. Older greens may also require significant design changes to increase cupping areas.
  • We provide on-site inspections and a green-by-green analysis with special emphasis on how surface drainage, percolation rates, and contour breaks affect current playing conditions. We take multiple samples from all greens and collars to identify potential problems including diseases, nematodes, organic matter buildup, and poor soil profiles (layering).

Quality-Conscious TifEagle Grower-Installers

As a patented variety, TifEagle can only be sold as certified sod or sprigs and only by a licensed member of the TifEagle Growers Association, such as New Life Turf. TifEagle is grown, inspected, and sold under a rigorous set of rules and guidelines established by the Georgia Seed Development Commission to promote ongoing purity and uniformity. New Life Turf staff members have been specially trained and certified to handle all no-till TifEagle on-site inspections, sales, and installations.

TifEagle is a patented and licensed variety. Unauthorized propagation is prohibited.

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