About Cavalier

Cavalier Zoysia was developed by Dr. Milt Engelke and Texas A&M University.  It is a Z matrella which is vegetatively propagated and genetically stable and uniform. Its chromosome number is 2-n=40.  Cavalier rated number one in the NTEP trials over 3 years at 24 locations ranging from California- Georgia and north to Nebraska and Colorado.


Home lawns • Golf course fairways and tee boxes • Parks • Sports fields and other recreational areas

Cavalier has been identified by several golf course architects as the “future grass of choice for golf course fairways in the cool season-warm season transition zone.


  • Cavalier is distinguished from other zoysaigrass by its fine texture, long, narrow leaf, with low rhizome, but high density stolon production
  • Good to excellent salt tolerance, and good shade tolerance
  • Resistant to the fall armyworm and the tropical sod webworm
  • Intermediate in its growth and recovery rate
  • Good to excellent winter hardiness and will persist in regions north of Kansas, Missouri and Southern Illinois as well as the Southern states
A patented variety, unauthorized propagation is prohibited.

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